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to boost SMEs international business opportunities toward foreign markets

A partnership of 

European cosmetics clusters 

Global Cosmetics Cluster - Europe is the network of European cosmetics clusters that aims to foster collaboration and support SMEs internationalization toward third markets.

This network is the European body of of the Cosmetics Cluster Global Network

The Global Cosmetics

 Cluster - Europe


Our ambitions

By sharing common international actions

Being stronger together to access international markets

Representing European cosmetics expertise

By sharing a common branding to enhance visibility from the intermediaries (distributors, SMEs, business networks etc…) in the non-EU markets 

Fostering business and innovation collaborative projects

By developing connections with the Global Cosmetics Cluster and others organizations

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Global Cosmetics Cluster

Europe - Who we are ?

In Europe

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of the Global Cosmetics Cluster - Europe

A history



Nov. 17

May 19

Creation of the "Global Cosmetics Cluster"

On the occasion of the Cosmetic 360 exhibition fair in Paris, 18 international clusters decided to launch the first international cluster network dedicated to innovation in cosmetics.

Implementation of Cosmetics 4 Wellbeing European project 

5 european clusters, all members of the Global Cosmetics Cluster joined forces to implement Cosmetics4Wellbeing internationalization programme, co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union. 

Consolidation of the Global Cosmetics Cluster - Europe

Global Cosmetics Cluster – Europe is the European branch of the global network of cosmetics clusters.  Your one stop shop for European clusters wishing  to go global.

  • The creation of a new european visual identity;
  • 2 internal analyses to determine our members' needs and cluster managers to accompany them abroad;
  • 5 identified and studied international markets (USA, Mexico, South Korea, United Arab Emirated);
  • 15 identified strategic partners across and beyong Europe.
  • 1 common internationalization roadmap;
  • 1 three-days bench-marking trip in Mexico;
  • 88 SMEs actively involved in the project's actions;
  • 8 events allowing BtoB meetings, mutual learning experience, and SME competencies consolidation.







The actions described bellow were co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union

Cosmetics4Wellbeing internationalization programme: our achievements

  • SMEs' training session on how to do business abroad;
  • Cluster manager training program on how to accompany SME-internationalization;
  • 15 cluster managers and SMEs taking part in training session on internationalization management.

International Cosmetics Cluster - Europe is part of a more global network of cosmetics clusters

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This programme is part the project Cosmetics4Wellbeing which has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).

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